Privacy policy

The application TVGuiden is owned by MeeTV AS.

MeeTV AS (MeeTV)
Kirkegata 17, 0153 Oslo
Organisasjonsnummer 996 019 241

MeeTV believes that maintaining and preserving the privacy of user data is an important value.

MeeTV does not collect personal information about the user, such as name, email or other details without the users knowledge and permission. If the user sends an email from the TVGuiden application with a question to MeeTV - and voluntarily includes the email address - the address details are stored locally on the MeeTV servers for a limited time period. The IP address is collected by the application but is not in any way connected to the users name or other personal details.

We will never rent, sell, share or otherwise disclose a users personal information to third parties. We will only use push notices when the user has requested it – (like request notifications for TV programs) – and notifications can be cancelled by the user at their discretion. The data from the notifications may be used to generate statistics for MeeTV, but is not in any way connected to the users contact details or IP address. The TVprogram data and TVchannel logos are stored locally on the device so that it can be used offline.